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Heart, Love, Romance, Symbol          February Newsletter   Heart, Love, Romance, Symbol

Dear Families,

It’s hard to believe that our 100th day of school is just around the corner. During the past few weeks the students have been involved in taking winter assessments and it has been nice to see all the growth they have made since the beginning of the school year. During the upcoming month of February even though it is a shorter month it’s going to be filled with a lot of activities in the classroom


In Fundations we will be finishing unit seven during the first week. Then we will be starting unit eight which includes consonant blends and digraph blends.  Also in unit eight  the students will be introduced to the r-controlled vowels: ar, ir, er, ur, and or.


In reading, we will be working on learning how to figure out tricky words by using word solving strategies combined with knowledge of what a text is about. The unit will start with a review of word solving strategies the students have been using. Then the students will be learning how to monitor their own reading and learn how to fix errors when it affects the meaning of what they are reading.   


In writing, we are continuing our unit on opinion writing by writing reviews.  Students will be writing reviews about their favorite toys, games, restaurants, movies, etc. They will be working on learning to elaborate their writing by giving reasons and telling more about those reasons.


In math, students will be working with numbers to 120, learning how to mentally figure out 10 more or 10 less than a number, learning how to solve word problems with three addends, adding two digit numbers to a one digit number, adding two digit numbers to a multiple of 10 (ex. 52 + 30) and finding the unknown numbers in subtraction equations (ex. 5-_ = 2). In addition, the students will continue to work on improving their addition and subtraction fact fluency to 10 by practicing daily with a partner.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we will be learning about the government. In Science we will be doing a unit on light.

Also this month we will be having a Valentine’s exchange on Wednesday, February 14th where the students will be exchanging valentines. More information about this will be sent home next week.

There are some important dates to remember in the month of February. Below is a list of activities we will be doing this month:

14th Valentine Day Exchange

Feb. 26th- Mar. 2nd. February Vacation (No School)

As always if you have any questions or concerns please let me know. I can be reached via note, phone call, or e-mail (  



Jen Follansbee