Ms. Colby's September Newsletters


Students are welcome to bring in a healthy snack each day.  Snack break will be around 9:15. Please be aware we are the allergy classroomPlease no nuts, andy, soda or juice.   As a parent, I know I often buy the “cool new snack” for my children and they dislike them.  If this happens to you, please do not throw them out, send them in to us. I will make them available for any friend who forgets their snack.


Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle each day to keep at their desk.  Water bottles are a privilege and if they become toys, students may lose this benefit.  I encourage students to put a sock around their water bottle to avoid puddles on their desk due to condensation.


I admit I am a meanie, but I do not allow toys from home.  Please do not allow your child to bring them in for play or recess.  

Reading Buddies

Please have your child bring in a Reading Buddy that will stay at school all year.  Reading Buddies are small stuffed toys that your child can read with during DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time each day.  These buddies need to be small enough to fit into a book box. Please do not allow your child to bring in any buddy that is a favorite and they will miss since this buddy will stay with us all year.

Home Folders

Your child will receive an Eagle folder on the first day of school.  This folder will be your child’s home folder for the year. It will need to go back and forth from school to home each day.  Inside it you will find a monthly calendar beginning in September. This calendar will include any important dates you need to know about for the month.  Your child will also be responsible to color each day a certain color based on his/her behavior each day. See below.

Thank You Buddies

As a positive reward system for our class, students can receive Thank You Sticks for any kind act or good choice they make.  Once your child receives 10 Thank You sticks, he/she can take home a “Thank You Buddy” for a few nights. These buddies have their own notebook and I ask that the student writes about what they did with the Thank You Buddy while it visited your home. .  When they return the buddy to school, I will provide them with a special “Spotlight” time to share what they wrote.


Every student has a lunch account at Centre School.  You are welcome to send in money daily or as you feel needed and have your child work off of their account.  We will have lunch each day from 12:35-1:00. Recess will follow lunch each day.

Birthday Celebrations

We love them!  You are always welcome to send in a birthday treat to share with the class. Please remember we are the allergy classroom.  I would like to suggest that you send in Minute Maid Frozen Juice bars.  These are safe for our friends with allergies. If you decide to bring in a different treat,   Please send in all labels of items you purchase or make. If your child has a summer birthday and you would like to celebrate a ½ year birthday in January or February, please let me know.  One thing I am very strict on is birthday party invitations. Unless your child is passing out an invitation to all the students in the class, I ask that they be mailed from home. This is to avoid any hurt feelings.  If needed, you can send the invitations in already stamped and I will put on the addresses and mail them for you. The only exception is all girl or all boy parties. I will allow these invitations to be passed out if all the girls or all the boys from the class are invited.

Show and Read

Each Friday, beginning mid-September,  we will have Show and Read. Your child will be given their own Show and Read Notebook to use and he/she is welcome to write about and bring in a special item to share with the class.  Since we are Fantastic First Graders, I expect that each child write a 1-3 sentences about the item for the first trimester. The amount of writing should increase as the year goes on.   These items will only come out during Show and Read and will go directly back into your child’s backpack for the remainder of the day.

Scholastic Book Clubs

Each month I will send home Scholastic Book Order forms.  There is no obligation to buy any of these books, but I have found in the past it allows families to purchase books at very affordable prices.


In your child’s Eagle Folder you will find the monthly schedule for specials. Please remember sneakers on PE day and to return library books on library day.


Our class is always in need of eraser caps, Clorex wipes and soft tissues for our noses.   There are a few additional items we use often and would love to have some donated to our class.

Gallon sized Ziploc bags

Sandwich sized Ziploc bags

Colored pens for our Word Work Center

Mr. Sketchy Scented Markers for our Word Work Center

Double A batteries for our Alpha Typing machines. (Word Work Center)

Plastic spoons and forks for snack

1st  grade is a year you will see your child grow and soar!!!  I am honored to be part of your child’s academic experience.  My door is always open for any questions or concerns. You can always contact me at  Education is a partnership between home and school.