Math Fact Practice Ideas


  • Play Fact War by splitting the fact cards into two piles.  Each player flips a card over, and the player with the greater sum/difference keeps both cards Pick a fact card and draw a picture to show the fact.

  • Write a word problem to go with a fact.  For 3+2, you might write: “There were 3 brown dogs and 2 white dogs at the park.  How many dogs were at the park altogether?”

  • Spread out all of the fact cards on a table.  Say a sum/difference and have your child find the fact cards that is equivalent to the sum/difference.

  • Pick a fact card and use cereal pieces or macaroni to make a model of that fact.

  • Play Who’s Missing.  Read a fact to your child with one number missing.  Have your child tell you what number is missing.  For example, ?+2=10.  What number is missing?

  • Play Fact Go Fish.  Try to match sum/differences.  Ask if your child has a fact that has the sum/difference equal to 5.  Match the fact with equal sums/differences.

  • Tape fact cards on different doors in the house.  Have your child give the sum/difference for the fact card before being able to open the door.

  • Write the numbers 1-10 on a beach ball and then toss it back and forth. Catch it with both hands and whichever 2 numbers your thumbs land on you add or subtract those numbers.