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  December Newsletter    

Dear Families,

 It’s hard to believe that another month has already begun and it’s December already. The new year will be here before we know it! Throughout the month of December in the classroom we will be working on learning some new skills and refining others. Also, the first grade concert will be taking place.


In Fundations we will be starting Unit Six which teaches students about adding the suffix s to words to make them plural. This unit will last for three weeks and we will be finishing it up right before the holidays.


In reading, we will be starting our nonfiction reading unit. In this unit the students will learn how to read nonfiction books and we will be focusing on how to figure out tricky words using many of the strategies the students learned while reading fiction stories as well as a few new strategies. Students will also be learning how to identify key words in nonfiction books and learning how to figure out their meaning.


In writing, students will be continuing to work on All About stories. They will be learning how to separate their topics into different chapters and writing a Table of Contents. The students will also be focusing on how to write introductions and conclusions for their All About Stories. We will be finishing up this unit before the holiday break and starting opinion writing when we come back in January.


In math, students will continue learning how to solve different types of word problems including those with missing addends. We will also be learning how to add three addends, as well as learning how to solve missing addend equations for addition and subtraction (i.e. 2 + __ = 5 or 5-_ =4). In addition, the students will continue to work on improving their addition and subtraction fact fluency. Please continue practicing these facts with your child at home.

A special event this month will be the First Grade Concert which is on Tuesday, December 10th at 6:00pm at the Hampton Academy Auditorium. Students can arrive at 5:45pm. The students have been working really hard on learning all of the songs. I hope you will be able to join us.

Also, please remember as the weather gets colder to dress your child appropriately.  When there is snow on the ground, children need to be in snow pants and boots as well as having a warm coat with mittens and a hat if they want to be able to play in the snow.  They will also need dry shoes to change into as boots can become very uncomfortable to wear for an entire day in the warm school environment. If you haven’t already, make sure to send in a spare set of clothes so your child has something to change into if they get wet from playing outside. 

There are some important dates to remember in the month of December. Below is a list of those dates.: 

9th Report Cards available to view online

10th First Grade Concert at Hampton Academy Auditorium

19th Classroom Party (Information will be sent out through Signup Genius)

20th Early Release Day: NOON Dismissal

As always if you have any questions or concerns please let me know. I can be reached via note, phone call, or e-mail (  


Jen Follansbee