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Dear Families,

Even though we have been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather, fall is definitely in the air and we have started to see some changes around us. Some of those changes have been in the students themselves as they have been showing improvements in their reading, writing, and math skills. Now that all of the beginning of the year assessing has been finished we have been settling into our daily routine and students have enjoyed having lots of opportunities to learn new things and demonstrate what they know. 

October is a very busy month and there will be a lot of new things the students will be learning about in all areas this month.



During the first two weeks of this month in Fundations we will be finishing Unit 2 by working on learning to read and write three sound words with short vowels. Then we will be starting Unit 3 which focuses on learning the digraphs th, ch, sh, wh, and ck. The students will be learning that sometimes two letters make only one sound.


Students will continue to work on developing good reading habits during the first week of this month and then the focus will be on developing good habits for solving hard words.  Students will be learning how to use strategies such as checking the picture, looking at ALL the parts of the word, getting a running start, and trying it two ways. They will also learn how to monitor their own reading to check if it makes sense.


In writing, the focus for the month will continue to be on writing small moment stories and learning ways to add details to make stories more elaborate. Students will also continue to work on organizing and revising their writing as well. 


In math, we will work on creating graphs and interpreting the data from the graphs. The students will also be introduced to word problems and will learn how to identify important information and then show their understanding by explaining how they solve the problems. We will also be learning about the different attributes of 2D and 3D shapes. In addition, the students will continue to work on improving their fact fluency for +0/-0 and +1/-1 by practicing daily with a partner. 

Social Studies/Science:

During Science this month the focus will be on learning about seasons and identifying some of the changes that are taking place around us. In Social Studies we will be learning some important safety information when we visit the fire station. At the end of the month we will be starting lessons in Olweus our anti-bully program.

There are many important dates to remember in the month of October. Below is a list of activities we will be doing this month: 

2nd  Walk to School Day     10th Fire Station Visit

14th Columbus Day (No School)      31st Halloween Parade/ Party

As always if you have any questions or concerns please let me know. I can be reached via note, phone call, or email (  



Jen Follansbee