Sight Word Practice Ideas

Below is a list of activities that you and your child can do at home to practice reading and spelling their sight words! Have Fun!

Flashlight- Have your child rewrite their sight words on index cards. Use the phrase “Flashlight, flashlight shine your light. Shine your light on the word we’ll read and write. You or your child can shine the flashlight on a word. Your child can read and write the word shown.

Rhyming- Ask your child to say or write down a sight word that rhymes with the word you say. For example “Say (or write down) the sight word that rhymes with car.” Your child should say (or write) “are.”

Sentences and Stories- Have your child practice writing sentences using their sight words. Or, they can challenge themselves and write a story using as many of their sight words as they can.

Wet Words- You say a word and your child can paint it with water and a paintbrush on anything…. a chalkboard, cardboard, cookie sheet, driveway, etc.

Word Chants- Say and spell their sight words in a variety of “fun” ways. Sing in an opera voice. Squeak like a mouse. Cheer the words like a cheerleader (Give me a “b”...). Whisper, shout the letters. Stomp your feet or clap your hands for each word.

Memory- Make an extra set of cards for each word. Place them face down on the table. Pick two cards and try to match them. If you get a match read the word and remove those cards. If you do not get a match read the words and turn them back over. Take turns with your child until all the cards have been matched.

Race to the Sight Word-Hang up two sight words and race your child across the room to read the sight word in “your lane”. Great to also play outside.

Scavenger Hunt - Go on a sight word scavenger hunt by hiding several flashcards around the house. When your child finds them they have to read them in order to be able to take it. At the end of the hunt have your child read you all of the words they found.

Sight Word War (Top it)- Each player turns over a sight word and whoever reads the sight word first wins both cards or whoever has the longest word keeps both cards.

Bingo- Make a bingo board with the sight words. Play Bingo.

Word Search- Create a word search puzzle on using the sight words or create your own word search.

Go Fish- Deal out four sight word cards to each player. Players take turns asking for a word. If they do not have that word, then they ‘Go Fish’. You will need to make sure you have two copies of each word to play this game.

Doodle Buddy- IPad App where students write their sight words in different colors and sizes.

Rainbow Writing- Students write their sight words in different colors. Have your child write their sight word in one color. Then after they have finished have them trace the word again in a different color. Then have them trace it again in a third color.

I Spy- Give your child clues to guess a chosen word. Have your child give you clues, too!

Typing- Have your child type the words in a blank document on a computer, laptop, or Ipad.