Raz-Kids at Home



We are lucky enough to have a wonderful online reading program called Raz-Kids! This is a program that we will be using at school but you also have the opportunity to use it at home as wellJ


Program Overview:

  • Your child’s teacher will assign your child to a reading level online based on their performance in the classroom
  • Your child needs to earn a checkmark for each of the symbols that are located under each book (headphones, book, question mark). *See reading “rules” below.
  • Your child earns  “stars” for each checkmark that they earn. At the bottom of the homepage you will find a tab labeled, “Star Zone”.  This is a pretend space themed area where students can “buy” items for their Raz-Rocket or Robot using stars that they earned for reading.
  • Once a child earns a checkmark for all symbols, they automatically will be advanced to the next level of books.
    • Example: If your child starts on a level C book and they earn a checkmark for each book, they automatically will be moved to the level D library.
    • Note: Advancing to the next level of books does not always accurately reflect their reading level at school. 

Home Reading “Rules”

If your child logs in (see the attached paper for your child’s login information) we ask that you follow the specific “rules” below.

1. Only work on 1 book at a time

*First, listen to the book (Click the headphones)

*Next, read the book (Click the book)

*Finally, take the comprehension quiz (Click the question mark if provided)


  1. If your child does not pass the quiz the first time: have them listen to the book again and then try retaking the quiz.
  2. If they do not pass the quick (earning a checkmark) the second time: move on to another book. We will look at the teacher side of the program and figure out what type of questions that they are missing and work on that skill at school.


We are really excited to use this program this year!

Feel free to use this as part of the reading homework!


Thank you,

Mrs. Hardy-Lemire


Raz-Kids Directions


Go to www.raz-kids.com


You will need to enter the teacher username: mhardy2



Find your child’s name, click on it.



Select your child’s password (rabbit icon)



Read one book at a time (listen, read and then take the quiz)




Go shopping in the Star Zone to spend your stars!