At the Centre School Community Preschool we create a learning environment where children of all abilities can thrive and grow together. Through our language-rich, play-based curriculum, we strive to meet the unique developmental needs of every child. By fostering a culture of inclusivity, empathy, and collaboration, we empower our students to become confident, curious, and caring individuals who are prepared for success in school and in life.

Hampton children ages 3-5 are eligible for this 2.5 hour program, which meets 4 days/week (Mon-Thurs) with morning or afternoon sessions available. Space is limited and children are enrolled on a space available basis throughout the year.

Please contact Kim Larck at Centre School for more information (603-926-8706) and to sign your child up for preschool. We look forward to helping your child learn, grow and thrive in preschool!

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